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Low-Friction Coatings

Low-Friction Coatings

KECO offers a unique series of low-friction, corrosion-resistant coatings, which provide dry-lubricating properties consisting of flouropolymer technology. These coatings exhibit the lowest coefficient of friction of any known substance. KECO also offers moly and graphite solid film lubricants that work in conjunction with liquid lubrication. In some applications, our low-friction coatings eliminate liquid lubrication altogether.

KECO’s low-friction coatings have excellent low and high temperature resistance as well – performing at cryogenics temperatures of -250°F to extreme high temperatures of 1200°F.

KECO’s low-friction coatings can offset heavy metal plating and potentially minimize the need of costly secondary operations such as polishing and lapping. Applications include piston skirts, bearings, splines, slides, shafts, plungers, gears, seatbelts, and brake components.

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