KECO Coatings

In conjunction with Jamrac Corporation and MKL Enterprises, KECO offers and applies the full line of Jamrac coatings and composite resins. Known for being environmentally friendly, durable, performance specific, and excellent adherents to difficult substrates, Jamrac products can be spray applied or brushed on. Featuring unique characteristics – flexibility, rebound, self-healing, and sound dampening – they are lightweight and easy to use.

The Jamrac coatings offer excellent adhesion to aluminum, steel, plastics, carbon fiber, composites, and other metallic and non-metallic substrates. They are available for use in a variety of industries and markets, including aerospace, adhesives, surfboards, printing presses and plates, film coatings, batteries, and fuel tanks. Offering excellent UV stability, Jamrac products also provide resilience, abrasion resistance, and they can be formulated to endure temperatures up to 600°F. The products are designed to be used for applications…

  • where critical items bounce on a substrate but the coating will offer protection.
  • where unique properties must perform in extreme temperatures.
  • where substrates need protections from moving objects.

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