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General Applications

Design and Product Development Services

KECO’s extensive coating portfolio is often leveraged by customers to add value to their existing products or those under development. We specialize in partnering with development teams to engineer applications that increase the performance of their products.

Powder Coatings

KECO has automated and large-batch powder coatings capabilities. We specialize in custom powder coating services including epoxy, polyester, TGIC (triglycidylisocyanurate) and thermoplastic. KECO’s powder coatings are FDA compliant, high temperature, anti-graffiti and UV resistant. Available special effects include metallics and fluorescents.

Abcite® thermoplastic powder coating is based on the same polymer chemistry as Surlyn® ionomer resin, which is used in golf ball covers. Abcite® maintains strength and impact resistance in temperatures ranging from -20° F to 120° F and offers excellent resistance to water and corrosion. Abcite® is UV-stable and fade and yellowing resistant.

Halar® offers excellent resistance to abrasion, harsh chemicals and permeation and is used for applications exceeding the capabilities of PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride), including chemical mixing equipment, filter vessels, and semiconductor equipment.

Nylon (PA12 Polyamide) is a thermoplastic powder coating specifically developed for application by fluidized bed grade, hot flocking, flame spray and sintering techniques. Most often used in demanding industrial applications, Nylon provides long-term corrosion protection under many extreme conditions. In addition to being water, chemical, electrical, thermal, impact, and abrasion resistant, other properties of Nylon include durability, flexibility, high impact strength, and FDA compliance.

Plasma Coatings

Plasma coatings include HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel coating), flame spray, wire arc metalizing, alloys, ceramics, and carbides. Applications include thermal barrier, abrasion and wear resistance, and surface restoration.

Idler Rolls

KECO offers a complete line of coated WINertia AVTM gripper dead shaft idler rolls, designed to eliminate trapped air between the idler roll and the Web. KECO 800 electro-conductive coating delivers a high level of conductivity, eliminates static charge build-up and provides a non-stick surface. More economical than spiral grooving, the KECO coated AV idler roll actually grips the Web, minimizes slipping or bunching – even on thin films – and delivers a non-stick conductive, easy-to-clean surface.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

KECO’s fabrication capabilities for ink/drip pans include:

  • Any substrate: stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, etc.
  • Quick turn time: typically one to two weeks
  • One-off fabricated designs
  • Welding quality: certified welder with 20 years of experience – TIG (tungsten inert gas) welded

Other coating processes

  • Emralon®
  • Acheson Colloids
  • Xylan®
  • Whitford Corporation
  • Plasite®
  • Tnemec®

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