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Chemical-Corrosion Resistant

KECO CoatingsKECO’s chemical and corrosion resistant products, which include inexpensive sacrificial coatings and durable chemical barrier coatings, will combat corrosive chemicals and organic solvents, including strong acids, chlorine, and aqueous caustics. Operating at temperatures up to 300°F continuous, these coating systems offer many benefits, including cleaning ease and superior purity.

Abcite-Suryln: This coating was specially developed to offer excellent corrosion protection, high impact strength, and good weathering capability. Meeting FDA standards for direct food contact, KECO has used this coating on vibratory feeder bowls with excellent success. The Salt-N-Pepper color is very popular and cures at 450°F. Click here for Product Data Sheet.

Halar: Suitable for protection and anti-corrosion applications the result of its unique combination of properties, it can be applied at different thickness variations to help with corrosion resistance and can be applied as a pin-hole free solution. Halar, which minimizes wear in high friction applications, offers high impact strength and is extremely chemical and weather resistant over a broad temperature range. Click here for Product Data Sheet.

KECO 100P: Developed to refurbish used press plates, this coating features superior release products. In addition, the coating can be applied to new press plates for existing equipment. Available for a variety of industries, including tortilla, flat bread, pizza crust, and any pressed dough equipment, the coating provides extreme release, more abrasion resistance, longer cycle runs, and food purity. Click here for Product Data Sheet.

Tefzel: Part of the Dupont Teflon® family, this coating is designed to function in extremely corrosive environments, as it offers a tough pinhole free finish. Weathering aggressive organic and inorganic solvents, Tefzel resists heat up to 302°F and down to cryogenic temperatures. It is typically applied to idler rollers, powder coating racks, paint fixtures, and ink pans. Click here for Product Data Sheet.