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Powder Coatings

Indianapolis Powder Coatings

KECO is your one-stop shop for powder coatings. We can offer both conveyor and batch capabilities with excellent quality. KECO offers all colors, types, and finishes when it comes to our powder capabilities.

KECO Powder Coatings

KECO Powder Coating process

Adavantages Of Powder Coatings:
Durable Finish, Corrosion Resistant, Resistant to Peeling, No Cracking, Withstands high impact.

Attractive Finish:
No Runs, Drips, or Sags

Environmentally Friendly:
No Solvents or Hazardous/Toxic Waste, Little Energy Required

Powder Coating Capabilities

Part Size:
28” X 50” 10’

Wash System

  • 7-stage Iron
  • Phosphate
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Rinsing

Batch Capabilities:
8’ X 8’ X 20’
Sand Blasting

Powder Coatings
All colors and Textures
RAL Colors
Color Match
Teflon Powder