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“Founded 37 years ago, KECO Engineered Coatings, Inc. is a nationally recognized industry leader specializing in custom services such as research and development, prototype and distinct production categories – and is one of 22 licensed Chemours Teflon® industrial applicators (LIAs) in the United States. Industries we serve include aerospace, automotive, lighting, packaging, food, glass and performance racing. Our range of technologies includes a full line of signature products, with applications of nonstick liquids and powders, dry film lube, metallic ceramic, corrosion resistant, plasma, wire arc and urethane.

Mike Klinge, President

What are we?
  • Licensed Applicator with Chemours Teflon
  • Licensed Applicator in Cerakote
  • Applicator of a wide variety of coatings
What are we not?
  • Distributor of Coatings. We sell the service of coating not the product
  • Blaster. We have a number of pretreatment solutions but we don’t allow you to just use them.
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